Edouard François/ Flowerhouse, 2015 presented by Galerie Philippe Gravier
Design Miami/ Basel 2015

Edouard Fran├žois Flowerhouse, 2015 presented by Galerie Philippe Gravier

“24 carat gold, meteorite fallen from the sky in the center of the city of Basel.”

Edouard François, born in 1958, is a contemporary French architect and pioneer of green architecture. In 2000, he designed The Building that Grows in Montpellier and in 2004 the Flower Tower in Paris. His architecture reflects new trends in contemporary society: sustainable development, utilization of local resources and services and upgrading the artistic heritage and environment.

For his first presentation at Design Miami/ Basel, Flower House is a reply to Galerie Philippe Gravier’s “Small Nomad
House Project”, embodying the ambition to initiate a new concept between art and architecture.

Edouard François drew his first pavilion of 400 square feet: nomadic, removable and sustainable that can be inscribed in both the artistic and environmental landscape.

An authentic ‘bijou’ or ‘folly’ in gold titanium, crystallized and blown up, arrives at the edge of technical and aesthetic innovation. This is a stealth house: on the beach, a gradation of 24k gold; in the countryside on green moss, shades of flashy green; on a flowerbed, shades of yellow, rose, orange, red, blue. Harmony matches with the environment, a monolith, growing, lifting up like a mound of love, an ivy bed, a floral firework, a powder of sand or a light bed.