Heritage/ Igor Krestovsky

at Design Miami/ Basel 2015

Heritage Gallery presents/ Igor Krestovsky

Heritage Gallery presents a unique architectural and social movement from the early years of the Soviet Union (1920-1930s), displaying pure constructivism used in developing the concept of phalanstery, a new style of living within a collective. Common household activities, communal values and core ideas of the October Revolution inspired many architects to review current living spaces and create a new form of housebuilding and considering communal areas. A house-commune offered living spaces (rooms, apartments), communal children’s education facilities (day care, music school, library), bath-house, canteen and kitchens. Both the accommodation and meals were gratis for the soviet people. Heritage Gallery reveals pieces of tailor-made furniture created in Smolensk by Igor Krestovsky in 1937 for a typical house-commune. The name of the set - “Khleba Kommunisma” (Breads of Communism) - relates to the founding of the VSHV (The Allunion Agricultural Exhibition).

Heritage Gallery has been working in the Russian art and design market for more than seven years. The gallery’s name reflects the key goals that were set at its creation – its main function is to reclaim elements of Russian cultural heritage that have  been lost. The gallery’s focus on Soviet design and decorative arts is unique and pioneering in essence.