ARTSY/ Sibylle Stœkli + Charlotte Herzig

at Design Miami/ Basel 2015

Artsy presents/ Sibylle Stoeckli

Swiss product designer Sibylle Stoeckli debuts a site-specific installation for Artsy’s Design Curio booth at Design Miami/ Basel for the 10th edition of #ArtsyTakeover, a project series in which Artsy invites contemporary artists and designers to reimagine art-fair spaces.

This installation is an extension of Stoeckli’s Global Design Research, an around-the-world project in design and social organization that involves discussion between designers and craftsmen about objects and their relationship to food, and all mankind.

The #ArtsyTakeover installation, consisting of printed newspaper as wallpaper and design objects that relate to food in both a practical and abstract way, offers fairgoers a space to reflect and exchange thoughts on food through a broad cultural, biological and anthropological lens.