AG Ossaye Projects/ Guatemalan Majolica Pieces + Andy Coolquitt

at Design Miami/ Basel 2015

AG Ossaye Projects presents/ Guatemalan Majolica Pieces and Andy Coolquitt

For Design Miami/ Basel 2015, AG Ossaye Projects is pleased to present “VA” - Guatemalan slang for “OK”. Following a two-week residency in Guatemala City, American artist Andy Coolquitt has created a domestic tableau, making its debut at the fair. The presentation showcases new and unique works by Coolquitt created in collaboration with local craftspeople and artisans, incorporating found objects and materials alongside a comprehensive collection of Guatemalan majolica from the mid-twentieth century. The exhibition is an experiment in materials and a reaction to the lightness and artisanal beauty of the majolica pieces.

In the early twentieth century, and due to its coffee trade with Europe, Guatemalan visual arts were greatly influenced by the old continent. This influence is reflected in the majolica primarily made in the highlands of western Guatemala; a handmade  local version of the famous European glazed pottery. This group of pieces is a curious mix of religious themes and artisanal handcrafted vintage earthenware.

In 2014 Rudy Weissenberg established AG Ossaye Projects as an experimental gallery space with the goal of presenting new projects conceived and produced in Guatemala by local and international artists during a residency at an old saw mill in    the historic downtown of Guatemala City, where the gallery is situated.