Outpost Basel by Olson Kundig

at Design Miami/ Basel 2015

Design Miami/ Basel Collectors Lounge/ Outpost Basel/ Olson Kundig

Following the highly positive reception of the Olson Kundig-designed Collectors Lounge 38 Beams at Design Miami/ 2014 last December, the Seattle-based design practice returns with another inspirational lounge for the continuation of Design Miami’s 10th Anniversary in Basel.

Outpost Basel unifies diverse geographic, material and cultural elements from the United States, Japan, Austria and Romania to create an architectural pavilion for the Collectors Lounge. Seattle-based architect Tom Kundig plays with the idea of being an outsider, and brings together highly contrasted influences and materials to make a harmonious and inspirational space.

According to Kundig “We each carry many influences with us, and with Outpost I wanted to explore this idea and bring different elements together in Basel. Both my parents are Swiss, although I am American, so this was a starting point for me. In Seattle there is a connection with the aesthetics of Japan, so I have incorporated ancient techniques and contemporary design into the Pacific Northwest design approach. I like to mix old techniques and robust materials  with innovative methods of making. Outpost Basel, crafted with ironwork from Seattle and amazing wood components by Austrian firm Schweighofer, is finished in Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese method of charring wood. I love how these different elements fuse together to make something new. I hope that with Outpost Basel people recognize these contrasts, but also feel how the space hangs together in harmony, as a whole.”

Olson Kundig is a Seattle-based design practice founded on the ideas that buildings can serve as a bridge between nature, culture and people, and that inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people’s lives.

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With thanks to Schweighofer for their generous support.